TNF-alpha (Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha)

  • CloneDBM15.28
  • IsotypeIgM, kappa
  • ImmunogenRecombinant full-length human TNF-alpha protein
  • SpeciesMouse
  • SummaryThis MAb recognizes human 17-26kDa protein, which is identified as cytokine TNF-α (Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha). Monomeric human TNF-α is a 157 amino acid protein (non-glycosylated) with a reported molecular weight of 17 kDa and can be expressed as a free molecule, also TNF-α is generated as a precursor form called transmembrane TNF-α can be expressed as a cell surface type II polypeptide consisting of 233 amino acid residues molecular weight 26 kDa. TNF-α is an important cell-signaling component of the immune system. It is a protein secreted by LPS stimulated macrophages, and causes tumor necrosis when injected into tumor bearing mice. TNF-α is currently being evaluated in treatment of certain cancers and AIDS Related Complex.
  • Cellular LocalizationCytoplasmic and extracellular (secreted)
  • Positive Control TissueHistiocytoma, Colon, Pancreas
  • Concentrated Dilution 1:50-1:100
  • PretreatmentEDTA Buffer pH 8.0
  • Incubation & Temperature30 min @ RT
  • Detection SystemPolyVue™ Plus - Two Step Detection System or Montage PolyVue Plus™ Auto Detection System for Montage 360 System
  • Description/TypeFFPE
Catalog No Volume
Mob502Concentrated 1ml
PDM230Prediluted 6 ml
PDM230-10MMPrediluted 10 ml

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