Diagnostic BioSystems offers a bench top autostainer Montage 360™, that has been delivering reliable IHC results for over a decade. Montage 360™ is a fully open platform, ensuring maximum flexibility for your staining protocols. Perform regular IHC or multiplex staining with confidence. Montage allows you to handle up to 36 slides/run and can easily fit into any regular workspace. Simplicity of design along with Windows preloaded system that is password protected and has bar code scanning capabilities making it highly desirable in the market.

Montage 360™ System Benefits

Proven IHC Staining Platform

The Autostainer™ family of instruments has been delivering reliable IHC results globally for over a decade

Broad Capabilities

A fully open platform for maximum flexibility to program individual slide IHC protocols
Supports the Montage™ line of MultiPlex and Routine products while simultaneously performing your research projects
and other custom protocols
Flexibility in staining software allows optimization of dispense volumes and incubations

Easy to Perform Multiplex Stains

Pre-optimized auto programs for the Diagnostic BioSystems Montage MultiPlex™
Stains ensure consistency from run to run