Fullwidth FAQs

> How do I place an order with DBS?
Orders may be placed by calling toll free 1-888-896-3350 or 925-484-3350. You may also fax in your order at 925-484-3390.

> What are DBS’s hours of operation?
DBS’s hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (PST). All orders placed before 2:00 pm PST will be shipped the same day.

> What if I have a Delivery Error?

  • Please contact Customer Support immediately.
  • Do not throw away any of the product.
  • Credit will be issued for any product delivery errors caused by Diagnostic BioSystems, or if you receive any product in error.
  • Product damaged in transit will be researched and may be replaced by Diagnostic BioSystems.
  • If further action is required, a Customer Support will contact you.

> How do I reach DBS?
Please call Customer Support toll-free at 1-888-896-3350 or directly at 925-484-3350, and follow the prompts.

> How do I return a product?

  • Do not throw away any product.
  • When returning kits, you must include the entire kit to receive a credit.
  • No credit will be issued without an RMA number that will be given to you by Customer Support.
  • Product must be received by DBS within 30 days from the issuance of the RMA number.
  • No credit will be issued after the 30-day period.
  • No credit will be issued for incorrect customer orders such as:
    1. Wrong quantity ordered
    2. Wrong part number ordered

What if I have questions on Pricing and Invoicing?
Please contact Customer Support regarding any pricing and invoicing questions.

> I would like to know the specific amino acid sequence that antibody “X” binds to.
To know more about antibody binding sequence contact Technical Support

> Where can I find the protein concentration of a specific lot of DBS antibody?
To find out concentration of a particular lot of DBS antibody contact Technical Support

> What is the average concentration of sodium azide in antibody solutions?
All DBS antibodies contain on an average lesser than 0.05% of sodium azide

> Where can I find package inserts for DBS products
Package inserts for products are available for download on the respective product description pages.

> Can DBS antibodies be used for other applications such as Western Blotting, ELISA, gel immunoprecipitation?
All DBS antibodies have been validated in-house only for immunohistochemistry application, however many of our existing customers have validated and used them in the above mentioned applications.

> Do DBS antibodies show cross-reactivity with other species?
All DBS antibodies have been validated in-house only on human tissues, however many of our existing customers have validated them on other species. To learn more, contact Technical Support

Montage Product Line

> Do the Montage 360™ Reagents come in Instrument Vials?
Yes the Montage 360™ Routine Primary Antibodies and Montage™ PolyVue Plus Auto Detection Kit are available in vials that can be directly loaded onto the Montage 360™ System.

> What is the volume of the Montage 360™ Routine Antibodies and what is the pack size?
The Montage 360™ Routine Primary Antibodies are available as a 10ml vial and this is good for 50 slides at 200ul/slide.

> Can I order individual components for either the Montage PolyVue Plus™ Auto Detection Kit or Montage 360™ Multiplex Lung Panel Kits?
No these products must be ordered as a kit.

> What type of enzyme can be used for epitope retrieval on the Montage 360™ System?
The enzyme that is used on the Montage 360™ System is Montage™ HistoZyme (K 046-10AN). This product is available as 10mls in the instrument vials, which is good for 50 slides.

> What type of Antigen Retrieval Solutions can be used for epitope retrieval?
The antigen retrieval solutions that are used with the Montage 360™ products are the Montage™ Citrate Antigen Retrieval Solution (K 035-500AN) OR Montage™ EDTA Antigen Retrieval Solution (K 038-500AN). These products are available as 500ml bottles which are good for 500 slides.

> Does the Montage 360™ System have a wash buffer?
Yes the buffer that is used for all washes on the Montage 360™ System is the Montage™ IHC wash buffer (K 005-500AN). This product is available as a 500ml bottle which is good for 500 slides.