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Corporate Brochure

Corporate Brochure

Detection Systems

UnoVue™ HRP Kit

PolyVue™ Plus HRP/DAB Kit

SITVue™/DAB Detection Kit

MOHS™ HRP green Kit

HRP/DAB Detection Systems

DBS New Product Launch Flyers

Slide Master365

SITVue Flyer

Montage Opus365 Flyer

A20 (A-12) Antibody Flyer

SATB2 (EP281) Antibody Flyer

Uroplakin III Antibody Flyer

Villin Antibody Flyer

SALL4 Antibody Flyer

BOB.1 Antibody Flyer

ImmunoHisto-Sealer™ Flyer


Ancillaries & Chromogens


HighLighter™ Flyer

Montage Opus365 Flyer

NordiQC Flyers

BCL-2 Antibody

CD3 Antibody

CD15 Antibody

CD31 Antibody

CD45 Antibody

CD56 Antibody

CD68 Antibody

CD79a Antibody

CDX2 Antibody

CK8/18 Antibody

Cytokeratin7 Antibody

Cytokeratin20 Antibody

Cytokeratin Pan Antibody

EpCAM Antibody

Estrogen Receptor Antibody

GlobalQuality Antibodies

HER2 Antibody

P63 Antibody

Progesterone Receptor Antibody

TTF-1 Antibody

Diagnostic BioSystems Panels

Panel Markers

Blood Panel

Breast Cancer Panel

Colorectal Panel

Derm Panel

Liver Panel

Lung Panel

Ovarian Cancer Markers

Pancreatic Cancer Markers

Prostate Cancer Markers

Diagnostic BioSystems HighLighter™ Automated Slide Stainer

HighLighter™ Flyer

HighLighter™ Brochure

Watch HighLighter™ Video

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FITC Conjugated Antibodies

p63 Antibody

p40 Antibody


Fascin-1 Antibody

PD-1 Antibody

New Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies

Other Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies

Ancillary Reagents


Histology Kits

Polymer System

New Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies

Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies

Special Stains