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Diagnostic BioSystems offers a Fully Automated Slide Staining System. The HighLighter™ Automated Slide Stainer is a fully automated slide processing system for staining paraffin-embedded tissue sections. This system is designed to automate the manual staining methods routinely used in immunohistochemistry.

The Diagnostic BioSystems Highlighter™ is a Fully Automated Slide Staining System

  • Compact, benchtop, 36-slide system
  • Designed for IHC application
  • Fully automated from baking to counterstain
  • Consistent and crisp staining
  • Real time onboard DAB mixing
  • Liquid sensors for accurate reagent handling
  • Liquid sensors for waste disposal to prevent overflow
  • Slide QR-Code labelling and reading
  • RFID reader for reagents vials, identifies, and controls reagent consumption and expiration dates

Features of The Diagnostic BioSystems HighLighter™

  • FLEXIBLE PROGRAMMING – The Instrument Designed for You.
  • COST EFFECTIVE – Maintain Profitability and High Quality.
  • OPTIMIZED PROTOCOLS – Reproducible Brilliant Stains at Any Time.

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