Montage Opus365™

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Montage Opus365™ is a compact, effective and reliable platform that facilitates heat induced antigen retrieval.

Appropriate use of heat and pressure along with suitable buffer solutions is of extreme importance for consistent immunohistochemistry staining.

Montage Opus365™ Benefits

  • Explaining cycles, temperature, time and number of slides per cycle etc…
  • A fully digitalized platform with audio visualization
  • Up to 5 cycles per run with individual time and temperatures each cycle
  • Real time temperature and time monitoring
  • Low reagent consumption
  • Minimal reagent evaporation
  • Uniform retrieval, even in over fixed tissues
  • Multiple retrieval buffers in a single run
  • IHC, ISH, and FISH suitability
  • Add on slides in-between the cycles
  • Temperature ranges from ambient to 115°c
  • High throughput (96 slides in less than 30 minutes)

Montage Opus365™ Specifications

Color Black
Weight 12.7 lbs.
Dimensions 12.8 x 12 x 14.3 inches
Electrical 220V–240V (Universal)
Slide Capacity 96 slides / run
Optimal Run Temperature Ambient to 115°C

Montage Opus365™ Accessories

Description Quantity Catalog No.
Antigen Retrieval Tank


AR 365 ART
24 Slide Rack


AR 365 SR
Metal Stand


AR 365 MS
Montage 10X EDTA AR Solution


Montage 10X Citrate AR Solution