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MART-1/Melan A

MART-1, also known as Melan A, is a melanoma-associated antigen recognized by autologous cytotoxic T..


Desmin is one of the intermediate filament proteins in the cytoplasm of the muscle cells...

Wilm’s Tumor 1, WT1

WT-1 Immunohistochemistry is used for helping in identification and differentiation of a variety of tumors..

Mammaglobin-A, GCDFP-15

Mammaglobin and GCDFP are commonly used as IHC markers of mammary origin. Mammaglobin is more..


CD5 antigen is usually expressed on the surface of practically all mature peripheral human T..


CD68 is lysosomal associated transmembrane glycoprotein and present in a variety of normal, benign and..