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Envision a complete MultiPlex solution

Montage 360™ Benefits

  • 36 slide capacity instrument accommodates small and large slide runs
  • Automated pre-programmed DBS MultiPlex protocols standardizes performance from run to run
  • Intuitive Windows™ based programming with 2D barcoding for easy setup
  • DBS Montage MultiPlex™ Kits include all reagents needed to perform reproducible high quality staining
  • Added convenience with pre-optimized antibodies specifically for the Montage 360™ System
  • Brilliant chromogens provide clear, crisp staining
  • DBS Polymer delivers high speci!city and sensitivity to MultiPlex stains

Montage 360™ Specifications

Stainer Dimensions (DxWxH) 26.4 x 30 x 22.8 inches
Weight 119 lbs
Electrical 110 / 120 V 60 Hz
Slide Capacity 1-36 slides / run
Reagent Container Capacity Up to 40 reagents / run
Reagent Dispense Volume 100 ul, 150 ul, 200 ul, 400 ul, 600 ul
Operating Temperature Ambient
Computer Hardware 2 Gz, 128 Mb RAM, 20 Gb Hard Drive, CD-ROM,
15” Flatscreen Monitor
Computer Software Windows™ preloaded system password protection
software, 2D Barcode scanner, Data export, Dilutions
calculator, multiple rinse or dry options per slide
Printer Premium color Deskjet
Waste Disposal Separate Hazardous and Non Hazardous Receptacles