Diagnostic BioSystems Inc. partners with ESBE Scientific Industries Inc.

DBS partners with ESBE Scientific 2

Diagnostic BioSystems Inc. partners with ESBE Scientific Industries Inc. to provide IHC solutions to the Canadian Market

In an effort to cater to the Canadian histopathology research laboratories, the Canadian CRO’s and the growing histopathology market with our wide selection of high-quality RUO histopathology product line, Diagnostic BioSystems inc. (DBS), a Global provider of cutting-edge in vitro diagnostics and high-quality immunohistochemistry (IHC) reagents partners with ESBE Scientific Industries, Inc., which is a 100% Canadian owned distributor serving the Canadian Academic and research laboratories.

This partnership will ensure greater accessibility of a wide range of antibodies, high-throughput fully automated and semi-automated IHC instruments and a wide range of ancillaries that are optimized and quality tested by DBS to meet the growing demands of the Canadian market.

About Diagnostic BioSystems Inc.

Diagnostic BioSystems Inc., is a global developer, manufacturer, and supplier of medical devices for the anatomic pathology and histology markets. All the products are manufactured in the DBS’ ISO 13485-certified production facility in Pleasanton, CA ensuring the consistent results that the laboratories need.

Our product portfolio includes, primary antibodies, FITC, Special stains, detection systems, instrumentation, MOH’s Green HRP kit, chromogens and other ancillaries that are specifically designed to perform high quality immunohistochemical staining. This combination of high-quality products along with ease of use, affordability and accessibility is what driving DBS to provide reliable solutions to its customers.

“DBS’s partnership with the ESBE Scientific gives us the opportunity to offer our high-quality histopathology product lines directly to the Canadian research laboratories. Customers will now have access to our innovative, high quality, and affordable products for their daily histopathology staining,” said Dr. Bipin Gupta, CEO of DBS.

About ESBE Scientific Industries, Inc

Since its inception from 1968, ESBE Scientific, has over a decade of excellence in serving the scientific community with high quality products and professional services at affordable prices.

ESBE Scientific has now become one of the largest 100% Canadian owned distributors serving the clinical, research, industrial and biotechnology laboratory in the Southern Ontario market.

Contact, Sales & Marketing:
Kayla Simeone
514-335-3421 x309