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Welcome to the “My Masterpiece Campaign”! This exciting campaign brings together histopathology enthusiasts and professionals to share their expertise in the microscopic world of tissue analysis. Show off your stained tissue slides and let your diagnostic skills shine! Join us in unravelling the mysteries of diseases and medical conditions through vibrant and captivating histopathology images. Enter now to showcase your knowledge, learn from peers, and stand a chance to win amazing prizes. Let’s paint the canvas of histopathology with colors of innovation and discovery!

Who can all participate?
Pathologists, histotechnologists, researchers, medical students, and anyone interested in histopathology in India can participate in this contest.

General Description of the contest:

1. Participants are required to submit high-quality histopathology stain images. These images will typically be from prepared tissue slides stained using the technique Immunohistochemistry (IHC),

2. Participants are required to enroll themselves to the online portal from Diagnostic BioSystems official website,

3. Participants are required to provide a brief description or context for each image they share to aid in understanding its significance and relevance to the field of histopathology. This helps participants and viewers to learn from each other’s expertise.

4. Our expert panel of judges who have a wide experience in Histopathology will review the submitted images based on criteria such as image quality, clarity, diagnostic relevance, and the ability to identify and interpret key features within the tissue.

5. Image dimensions should be minimum 1200x1200px

6. Three winners will be announced after review by the panellists, and they will be awarded with exciting prizes.

Hurry Up!! Participate soon on before ends


Start Date:
15th July 2023

End Date:
15th August 2023

Winners Announce Date:
20th August 2023

Steps to Participate in Image Sharing Contest.

Step 1:
Share this contest link to Participate

Step 2:
Submit your entry and Upload image

Step 3:

Done, That’s it

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Please review the below rules and regulations for the participation.