World Cancer Day

World cancer day Social DBS 2023

As a Cancer diagnostic’s company, Diagnostics BioSystems joins the global uniting initiative with the aim to raise awareness and education about the most dreaded disease “Cancer”.

February 4th is celebrated as the “World Cancer Day” an initiative to educate people about cancer and pressing individuals across the globe to take early action against the disease.

Breast, lung, prostate, and colorectal cancers account for almost 50% of cancer cases which can be prevented by avoiding the risk factors associated with the specific cancer types. These cancers can be treated at an early stage provided they are detected early. Hence with the concept of raising awareness, early detection and screening programs are key strategies that should be implemented.

Rationalizing the theme for World cancer day 2023 “Close the Care Gap”, Diagnostic BioSystems is continuously developing and have already developed over thousands of products for cancer diagnostics.

We believe that every single contribution makes a difference and together we can reduce the global impact of Cancer.