World Cancer Day

World cancer day 2024

On World Cancer Day, let’s unite in the fight against cancer! Together, we can raise awareness, support those affected, and work towards a cancer-free future.

  • Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for nearly 10 million deaths in 2020, or nearly one in six deaths.
  • The most common cancers are breast, lung, colon and rectum and prostate cancers.
  • Around one-third of deaths from cancer are due to tobacco use, high body mass index, alcohol consumption, low fruit and vegetable intake, and lack of physical activity.
  • Cancer-causing infections, such as human papillomavirus (HPV) and hepatitis, are responsible for approximately 30% of cancer cases in low- and lower-middle-income countries.
  • Many cancers can be cured if detected early and treated effectively.

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is a valuable technique in the field of pathology that plays a crucial role in early cancer diagnosis. Its ability to detect specific biomarkers and assess the molecular characteristics of tumors is instrumental in guiding treatment decisions and improving outcomes, particularly in the early stages of cancer.

DBS’ comprehensive panel includes novel rabbit monoclonal and mouse monoclonal antibodies. These antibodies ensure sensitivity and specificity of IHC tests. As a result, pathologists and oncologists can have rapid, precise results and an accurate diagnosis to determine an effective treatment for their patients.